Store Re-opening Summer 2020


Creating Space For Conscious Living.

Orenda Ceramics are designed to help build physical spaces for daily practice to help open personal space in the body and mind.

The roots of Orenda Ceramics stem from the earth, and the transformation that takes form once fused with nature’s elements. Each ceramic piece is crafted to carry these elemental lessons into the collective. We too, have the ability to transform with our own innate powers - breath, body and movement.

Orenda, the Iroquois name for the spiritual power inherent in all people and things, translates for us today. We too, hold within us, the infinite power to affect change in ourselves and our communities.

Individually handcrafted in London, UK, each piece is unique and carries its own spirit and charm.


Website Photography: 
Tom Sweetland Photography 
Amanda Wayne, Head & Hands
Lauren Luxenberg